La Nevera (web-series).

Sizzler/Teaser Trailer.


“THE WRESTLER NAMED LA NEVERA” is an eight-part comedy mockumentary series – about the idiot who has a dream that’s too far fetched. He’s big, but his dream is bigger.

LA NEVERA is the story of Dave who grew up watching Rock ‘n’ Roll wrestling in the 1980s. Dave’s favourite wrestler was the giant round potato of a man, KING KONG BUNDY. It’s now 2018 and Dave still loves wrestling – Dave hasn’t grown up.

He, himself, like King Kong Bundy, is also large, white, and balding – but rather than Dave being a formidable and impressive athlete, like his childhood hero, Dave is more akin to a slow albino ninja turtle.

King Kong Davey has no friends his own age – he works as a social worker for troubled teens, trying to inspire them to follow their dreams. Dave’s only friend is his black Labrador, Matthew – who he takes everywhere.

Dave’s only real human “friend” is Morris – a 25 year-old socially inept wrestling “Mark”.

Dave has always lived for others, until he sees an advertisement – an opportunity for him to go to Spain and train at the world famous wrestling school, to become a super version of himself – LA NEVERA.

La Nevera is Spanish for ‘The Fridge’ – that’s what Dave looks like, a fridge – that’s his style, he is as graceful as a large electrical appliance.

A small issue for Dave is that wrestling training schools aren’t in Spain – they’re in Mexico. But the pamphlet was in “Spainish”, so the school must be in Spain, right? And when Dave calls the school to get more info, the guy on the other end urges Dave to send 2,000 Euros by the end of the week as a down payment to secure his enrolment, as “places are closing“. The guy dodges Dave’s enquires for further details, but Dave doesn’t push it – this is his one chance to become someone important.

Dave can’t afford to make the Spainish trip, so he attempts to borrow the money from his disapproving father, Matthew – yes, Dave named his dog after his father out of respect.

Dave needs the money, but above all, he needs people to believe in him.


This mockumentary follows Dave on his solo journey as he gains courage and self-belief to follow his dream of becoming a wrestler.

LA NEVERA is currently in development with Chris Anastassiades.

Follow the latest updates here.


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