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“My name is Gavin Ingham – I’m not related to the chicken family or the famous horse-racing family…. no, I was brought up by a couple of Queenslanders; my father worships Pauline Hanson, & my mother…. well she looks like Pauline Hanson.”

Gavin is currently the Court Announcer for the WNBL & Melbourne Tigers, the Stadium Announcer at Marvel Stadium, & Australian Open – he also runs an historical walking tour around the suburbs of Melbourne.

He has been a professional entertainer, actor, & musician for close to 20 years – & in the past 7 years has focused more on presenting, hosting, writing, film-making, & comedy, with 2018 being his debut Stand-Up venture at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Gavin at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018.

In 2018, Gavin gained his Masters degree from VCA (Screenwriting), to complement previous study at RMIT (Professional Screenwriting – where he won the prestigious Erin Thomas Award) – this was after being trained as an actor at USQ all the way back in the early 2000s – & is currently producing a web-series with RMITv – “CHARITY“.

“I’ve been fascinated with cinematic story-telling ever since I first saw Marty hit 88 miles per hour, and then unfortunately, I was diagnosed with the comedy bug when I laughed at Uncle Arthur as he ran around the backyard with his knickers in a knot.

I like the uncomfortable space in between comedy and drama.”

Gavin Ingham at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018

Gavin’s life highlights have been winning an unprecedented 7 championships on NBA 2K, a personal-best of discussing Star Wars one night at a dinner party for 5 hours straight (Han shot first!), & now every day having poor posture due to breaking his back when he was 12 years old.

After a decade of teaching drama; directing/writing theatre; acting for films, TVCs, State Theatre Companies, Opera Australia, and the corporate sector, he has added another string to his bow as a screenwriter & comedian to facilitate his projects.

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Gavin appeared on the ‘A Yank on the Footy‘ podcast recently to talk about AFL & comedy.


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Gavin is currently producing a web-series for RMITvhave a look HERE.


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