Charity – Web-Series (coming after CV-19)

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the Web-Series.

Co-Produced with RMITv – (COMING AFTER CV-19)


“CHARITY” is about Max, a self-serving Insta-famous “LIFE-treprener” who makes a social-media video where he gives free food to a homeless man to promote his personal online brand, but then the homeless follows him home, and sees an opportunity to truly get the help he needs to get his life back on track.
Max never intended to “help” the homeless person for any longer than a once-off experience; enough time to get sufficient footage for his video, but he then has to learn to give the homeless man what he needs, not what Max think he needs.
“Max failed at becoming Gary Vee, now he has to become Insta-Gandhi.”
“CHARITY” is satirical look at humanity through the constant “reality” of social media – and the challenge of dealing with real people with great problems.

Meet Max…

Max A Billion was a successful entrepreneur who earned over $200$300k/year.

max insta 2Max grew up wanting to be a rapper, he was good. After years of mix-tapes and battle rap victories, nothing took off.

“I got accepted into law school but my heart was empty. Upon graduation I threw my graduation hat thing into the air, as well as my courage – I started hustling.”

Max got internships at business firms around the world and learnt how to sell his brand.

12 years later, he had consulted for the world’s best on how they could connect better with their clients.

“What I said worked for them, & my bank account showed.”

He realized money cannot buy you peace in this world, so now he is on the path to help the high-flyers find peace in their entrepreneurial practice – he wants to show EMPATHY.

Max’s Motivational Video #1

“I am Max – I’m a billionaire in LIFE dollars.”

Please join Max on his journey – his Insta has almost reached 100 followers:-

max insta

(*the above all written by Max)

max insta 3.png

Gavin is excited to be working with RMITv on his new web-series – to be released post CV-19.

Series Credits:-

To keep up to date, follow CHARITY online:-


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